Governments are overlooking the mind-control-technology employing crime and the misuse

8.5.1998 PT


States are overlooking the wide-spread misuse of brainradio-technology: people are suffering silent the influences of the brainradio

Propaganda and neurosis direct to psyche

    To implant a neural communication probe-radio into human brain is a war-crime: there is no justification or excuse for it: it is not safe, it is not useful, it is a source of neurosis and psychic misery, with or without the artificial pleasure evoked by means of neurotelecontrol mantras that often hide the consequences: dullness and aggression, weakened ability to reason and moral misjudgements. Coping with the chaos of neurotelecommunication and the control attempts are a major, unwanted and unncessary strain to everyday life of a neuroradioimplant victim.

    Being a target of dogma and propaganda broadcasted via neurotelecontrol direct to psyche is a situation of hard mental coping, recognizing and resisting the unwanted cognitive phenomena. There is no immunity or adequate way to resist to the stunning mis-instructing over-voltage of the neurotelecontrol. The quality of life is poor; the quality of experience is poor - deep depression and suicides occur - even when not guided by the controllers. Only preventing the radiosignal entering the neuroradiochip by Faraday's cage or other signal isolation is effective and safe way to protect oneself.

Demonstrating pro freedom of thought

  Pro freedom demonstrations occur: regardless of the psychic-sanctions that sometimes follow the neurotelecontrolled people are gather in small groups to shout slogans against mind-control. Both the psychic-sanctions and stunning of the demonstrators often make the demonstrators messages unclear and even comic. Also, to large extent, in middle-class of population the moods are artificially kept positive and the dissatisfaction is thus seldom expressed.

Against Electronic Mind Control Finland

  In Finland there has been regular demonstrations against mind-control since 1996, most of which were neuroteleguided by the AEMCF (Against Electronic Mind-Control Finland) resistance. The shouts "against mind-control" have spread all-over Helsinki city center and offices during 1997-1998. In Helsinki the situation is now hopeless - radiologists still have the last word in not diagnosing the implants: they claim to diagnose but 'fail' do so. It is assumable that the implant is removed from MRI-scan-brain-images by means of digital retouching. The officials have not given out statements, while people are aware of the wide spread of the implants and the neurotelecontrol activities.



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