Vol. 1/1998

Governments are overlooking the mind-control-technology employing crime and the misuse

  Governments are insensitive to the implant carrying people's misery and to their demonstrations: millions of implants would have realistic and negative publicity enough to cause civil wars - the subject is actively avoided and avoiding it is getting difficult - reality bites you in brain.

The great plans of neurotelecontrol

  Installing a radio into your mind for nothing? The value of human electronicly slavered flesh and mind. Spiritual capital of common man stolen.

  The great expectations of neurotelecontroller-nets: the re-allocations of power, the "new order" of neurotelecontrol.

Anti-mind-control mentality: Conceiving under neurotelecontrol-attack!

  I keep myself from interpreting and I do not interprete what I perceive - yet there is in-writing channel that produces an interpretation as mine, based on my own cognitive schemas - how would you tell the difference?


Privacy and freedom of thought cancelled! - The experience of discovering the brainradio-implant

  Look into mirror and explain yourself the remote controlled past with remote controlled mistakes that made you what you are today.

An experience of neurotelecontrol: London University student is hospitalized for neurotelecontrol-induced nervous-breakdown (News 9.10.1995)

 The horror of altered existence, the misery and pain of neuroradiotorture.

The outcomes of business processes under neural telecommunication control

  Corruption, key-information losses, lower performance in planning and expert tasks, neuroradio-induced amnesia, bankcruptcy.

Against Mind-Control / Petri Ticklen