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The outcomes of business processes under neural telecommunication control

31.07.1998 PT


The conceptions mind-control elite possesses of modern, highly specialized, small and mid-size enterprises are poor when it comes to considering the corporate business process differentiation under the strains of neural telecommunication control.
Neural communication projection of socio-cognitive forms of business processes and behavioral modification resulting from the projections are common and without exception result in nuisance, losses and bankcruptcy. The behavior of personnel is de facto altered in unwanted manner resulting in corruption, key-information losses, lower performance in planning and expert tasks, neuroradio induced amnesia. The practicing mind-control governors quote the losses with tones suitable for elderly women. The failure is left on the enterprisers themselves, the obvious outcomes of stunn and modification weakened business processes are expressed as domains of taboo and avoided. It is the common experience in employing mind-control neurotechnology and psychology of mind-control: hubris, incompetence and losses. It is so very light touch on the cortext that makes a man get sick of the common everyday mental toxicity. Brainradio is painful as the costly outcomes of neglections and mistakes. Very painful.










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