Privacy and freedom of thought cancelled - the experience of discovering the brainradio-implant

8.5.1998 PT

  The experience of discovering and accepting the fact that there is an electronic chip in your brain is devastating: you feel humiliated, you are scared of the unknown damage it may have caused, you are scared of the things the controllers are able do with your mind.


The mind-discovery

 You discover the brainradio-implant by hearing controller's voices and you become unnaturarly humble, they seem to have the position to harm you in innumerable ways: Extorting by revealing your secrets where you don't want them, The neurotelecontrol can also cause you forced movements and sensations of all kinds - including sexual. Your mind may become filled with sense of goodness and kindness, of moral angst, of dissatisfaction or deep frustration. It is a science-fiction experience letting you expect what other wonders the authors of neuroradio have stored for to appear emergently into your everyday life.

You also later on discover the mistakes you have made in your life before realizing they were dictated to you and outcomes of stunning. Understanding a decades stunned life-line ending in misery and poverty at the end-point is a nightmare. Suicidal thoughts may not be far, you could be very bitter and angry against those implanting the thing in your brain, and for good reason.

The neurotelecontrol-fascism

  It is against the Bible: Man playing God. The controllers do not respect the right to exercise religion freely, they do not respect the human rights. They are drunk of the psychological warfare, they are drunk of the information warfare, they are drunk of the power over the human flesh. They are the unimagined fascists of the yesterday's future we are confronting today. We are in the future of Dr. Joseph Mengeles of neurotechnology, neurotelecontrol fascism is far more evil and cruel than the national socialism of the Hitler's Germany, yet we should not fear but fight for our freedom.

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