London University student was hospitalized for neural telecommunication control induced nervous-breakdown

17.4.1998 PT


  "For me the first real experience of neurotelecontrol-anarchy was the stopping attempts that I received into my brain when I got furious about my ex-girflfriend leaving me and was looking for the man who had slept with her. They read me as security threat and I suffered severe forced movements in neck, I was very stunned and confused. A day later I suffered a nervous breakdown forcing me to drop-out of the course I was taking at Imperial College of London University."


 "I find the excessive use of intensive neuroradio-signals reason for the nervous breakdown. It cost me my studies for two years, the recovering took It seems now impossible for me to continue studies for they still keep stunning me for reasons unknown to me."

  The student was treated with psychic medicine at London Chelsey-Westminster hospital.

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