The great plans of neurotelecontrol

17.4.1998 PT

Implanting a radio into your mind for nothing?

Criminal mind-control by government?

  Governments have not been able to cope with the grand introduction of electronic mind-control technology. The most painful and troubling application of neuroradio has become a lifestyle for millions of people, yet very little is written about the consequences of cogntive communication and neurotelecontrol. The neuroradio is criminal and so are the authorities responsible for organizing the use of the technology.

  The philosophies of electronic mind-control vary: conceptions of protecting earth from the evil mind of man, leashing man's intellect under a greater and better guidance of angel-role taken mind-controllers are common, neo-marxists see the new neuro-media as both the slavering instrument of the capital and as a life-style of zen-like solidar understanding, also as a form of shared consciousness for reification of scientific precise guidance of society and distribution of knowledge to the working class.


  The mind-control-mind-radio was built for psychological warfare, information warfare and stunning. Why is it that the natural, uncontrolled conditions enjoying citizens aware of the mind-control-radios do not see the dynamics of society in the perspective of neurotelecontrol? Even those suffering only momentary disturbances or control-attempts grant for themselves the right to obfuscate and ignore the stunning and its consequences in terms of social conditions: the neurotelecontrol has brought us only tragedy, confusion, neurosis and violence. The optimists still waiting for the Great Plan of mind-control to proceed apparently wait for nothing - in modern society of information only very few things can be improved by means of mind-control and it is much easier for a controller to become corrupt or anarchic.


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